Amazonic the Forest Defender Activity and Story Book

This book tells the inspiring story of an orange winged parrot called Amazonic's and his journey to becoming a forest defender. After surviving a dreadful bushfire Amazonic was inspired to make a difference, reminding us that big or small forest fire prevention is for all.  This book is meant to be used as an educational tool and can be purchased at FACRP Resource Centre and Paper Based Book Store, Normandie Hotel, Trinidad. 

Amazonic the Forest Defender, 2020

Creator: Kemba Jaramogi 

Writer: Sarah-Lee Manmohan

Illustrator: Richard Taylor

Forest Fire Prevention and Suppression Program 

This programme runs for the duration of the fire season which is from December 1st to June 30th. Although there are laws and regulations to curb the trend of bush and forest fires many fires threaten our forests annually.  Our activities include cutting and clearing fire traces, fire patrols, fire suppression, advocacy and outreach programmes, fundraisers for fire suppression tools and safety gears.  

Gayap - Annual Dry Season Event in March

The essence of Gayap is working together for a positive cause. Our cause is Forest Fire Prevention. FACRP's Gayap is a three day programme whereby schools, community groups and the general public get an opportunity to participate in and learn about forest fire prevention and suppression methods. FACRP also provides fire prevention services to community groups as well as private residents to reduce the spread of forest fires as well as  assist with developing and hosting Gayaps in various communities in Trinidad and Tobago that are affected annually by bush and forest fires. 

Tree Planting and Organic Nursery session

FACRP has created a Clean Tree Organic Nursery in the hills in Fondes Amandes to facilitate the reforestation activities in the hills. Some of the trees are fruit, ornamental, herb and hardwood trees. Visitors can have an opportunity to learn about our organic methods at our nursery  as well as  our climate resilient species 2016 research project. In the rainy season visitors will have an opportunity to select a plant from the nursery and with the assistance of a guide plant it in the hills of Fondes Amandes.

FACRP Annual World Environment Day Celebrations 5th June

Since 1991 FACRP has been commemorating this special day.  Every year we invite members of the diplomatic community, schools, community groups, musicians to join us in tree planting activities which also marks the beginning of the rainy season tree planting activities.

Educational & Fun Eco-Tours and Workshops 

Participants will get an opportunity to learn about FACRP and the importance of watershed management. Special requests and areas of interest will be considered and sessions will be designed to cater to the respective age groups and physical capabilities of visitors. Below is a list of some of the topics we cover:

  • Reforestation
  • Organic seedling propagation 
  • Tree planting and biodiversity
  • Forest fire prevention
  • Forest fire suppression 
  • Managing surface water runoff 
  • Climate change talks 
  • Intersectionality of Gender and Climate Change 
  • Fun hikes and scenic views

Atlantic Environmental Education Series 
This Series was launched in 2014 with the aim of providing an introduction to local environmental management topics from an early age. Each year Atlantic LNG provides full scholarships for a total of 270 standard 3 students to attend FACRP's environmental sessions twice a year, during the rainy and dry season. 
Through interactive field sessions, quizzes and creative art projects students learn about following;
  • The importance of our watersheds and reforestation 
  • The importance of  flora and fauna conservation
  • Negative impacts of forest fires within their communities 
  • How they can make a differences
Participating schools are from the following areas in North West Trinidad that is prone bush and forest fires such as: Diego Martin, Maraval, Belmont, Paramin, Santa Cruze, San Jaun, Carenage, Port of Spain and Environs, St. Ann's, Laventille and Barataria. We hope to expand this initiative in the new future. 

Field School at FACRP Launched in 2016

Bridgewater State University celebrated the launching of a field school. The event was held on BSU campus during Carnival Week, which was sponsored by Latin American & Caribbean Studies, to mark the official launch of the field school. On hand was Akilah Jaramogi, co-founder and managing director of FACRP who signed a memorandum of agreement concerning the field school, further cementing FACRP's partnership with BSU. This initiative was spearheaded by Dr. Fox, who has visited Trinidad for research several times since 2004. The field school is meant to be interdisciplinary, with all BSU departments encouraged to make use of its facilities and to include it in course offerings as an elective overseas research opportunity.  “It’s really exciting,” said Dr. Fox, expressing her appreciation for the support the project has received from university officials, including President Frederick W. Clark Jr., and Dr. Karim Ismaili, interim provost and vice president of Academic Affairs. Dr. Fox piloted the school during trips to our community with students during the past two spring break periods in 2016 and 2017. The school will officially debut in the summer of 2018. The field school “fits well with the goal of many disciplines to work collaboratively with communities,” Dr. Fox said. “I’m thrilled about it.”  

Eco-Culture Vacation Camps

Each year during the July-August vacation period (summer time) we host eco-culture camps which focus on connecting children to nature as well as some of our cultural traditions in T&T. It's also a great opportunity for young people to volunteer and for children to benefit from an authentic outdoor experience.



More Fun things to experience at FACRP

Herb Sessions 

Herb Kits 

Session on herbs and usage,  herb walk and herb kit making session. Participants will be able to take their completed herb kits home at the end of the session.

Herb Tea

Session on herbs and usage,  herb walk, herb selection and herb tea session. Participants will enjoy an aromatic tea making and tasting session.

Herb Bread

Session on herbs and usage,  herb walk, herb selection, herb bread making session and bread tasting session. Participants will enjoy the taste and smell of freshly baked herb bread made at FACRP.

Herb Shampoo

Session on herbs and usage,  herb walk and herb selection. Participants will participate in making the herbal shampoo as well as using the shampoo to shampoo their hair. Session highly recommend for persons who are treating hair due to hair loss caused by cancer. This shampoo is 100% organic and contains 1 ingredient which is herbal and indigenous in nature.


Hike to the Lady Chancellor Ridge Top

Drumming sessions

River Hike

Forest Bathing-Meditation Session 

Email us for more details...


Gift/Craft Shop

Visitors can get an opportunity to purchase FACRP merchandise, hand made art (made by staff and volunteers) and ecological local made jewelry. Profits from sales will go towards assisting our NGO with operational costs. The shop is open for all tours/sessions, Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm, interested persons can call 1868-689-7794 or 1868-471-2051 to purchase items.



Refreshments are based on personal requirements and our menu is based on availability of ingredients.  Most of our dishes are vegetarian, however meat or fish orders can be arranged. All food orders will be served in dishes that are biodegradable or non-single use wear plates, cutlery and glasses. 


Special Events

Corporate retreats, team building exercises, company volunteer days for staff, space rentals for meetings and workshops, space rentals for dinners and events are also welcomed at FACRP.



Please email us at [email protected] to book your tour in advance. Please include the following in the email; contact person and details, name of group or institution, numbers of persons, type of tour/area of interest, study or research as well as special requests such as interviews, meals, combined programmes, extended hours, etc. These factors often influence the per-person cost of tours or sessions.


We are unable to facilitate walk-ins therefore it is advised that you make your bookings at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Please make bookings as early as possible to ensure they are secured.


Prices of Tours and Eco-Sessions

Prices range between $60 to $600 (Trinidad and Tobago currency) or $10 to $100 American dollars per person based on a 2-3/5 hours time period.  

Please note that Prices are subject to change!


Tour dates

Mondays to Fridays – Times 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. On weekends the FACRP Resource Centre is closed, however you can email us to inquire about available spaces on weekends.


Carrying Capacity

Number of Persons per tour or workshop: No less than 5 persons per group and no more than 120 persons. 


Tardiness and Cancellations

If a group is over 1 hour late FACRP reserves the right to reduce the length of time group visits or cancel the tour. Please call in advance to update us on delays where necessary. There will be no refund for food orders 3 days before the scheduled visits. 


Comfort, Safety and Disclaimers

We advise patrons to wear comfortable hiking clothes, students can wear school games clothes. During the rainy season and for river tours we recommend persons to walk with a change of clothing. During the dry season please walk with hats and sun block. To stay refreshed please walk with drinking water. 



Persons with health problems or allergies that may be impacted or intensified by the booked session must be listed in the booking email. Persons with respiratory illnesses are strictly advised to walk with their inhalers.  Please be reminded the FACRP is an NGO with limited resources and will like to maintain a disaster free and fun environment for all visitors. FACRP will not be liable for any injury or mishaps that may occur. Our guides are there to provide guidance, educational information and demos. If you require extra assistance, please alert our guides in a timely manner. FACRP has been offering some of these services since 1997 and has had a disaster free record and with your compliance we hope to maintain this record.