Forest Fire Prevention and Supression 

Programme runs from December 1st to June. This period is known as the fire season as well as the dry season. Activities included in the programme are cutting and clearing fire traces, fire patrols and fire supression. 

Gayap - Annual Dry Season Event

  • 3day event where schools, community groups and the general public learn and participate in fire prevention activities
  • FACRP provides fire prevention services to community groups as well as private residents 
  • FACRP staff and volunteers also volunteer at other communities and Gayaps around T&T

Tree Planting and Organic Nursery

FACRP has created a beautiful green Clean Treen Organic Nursery in the hills in Fondes Amandes to facilitate the reforestation activities. Some of the trees are fruit, ornamental, herb and hard wood trees. Plants are also for sale ranging from $25 to $150 depending on tree type and size.

FACRP Annual World Environment Day Celebrations 5th June. 

Since 1991 we have been celebrating this special day. Every year we invite diplomats, schools, community groups, musicians and the general public  to participate in our fun-filled event.


Educational & Fun

  • Pre school packages
  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Universities 
  • Fun tours
  • Hikes
  • Trips to the river 
For more information email us :)

Foras and Workshops

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Disaster Awarness Caravans
  • Annual Forest Fire Foras
  • Specialized Environmental Sessions

Annual Eco Culture Vacation Camp runs from mid July to August. Children participate in art, environmental activities, fun and games, making of healthy food, hikes etc.

To volunteer, donate cash or in-kind items or to register your kids please email us at [email protected]

FACRP welcomes donations. Our account number with First Citizen Bank of Trinidad and Tobago is 1513737 in the Name of the Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation Project (FACRP)